Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I was so excited when Cristy from the
North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission contacted me.

They are currently reaching out to diabetic bloggers in an effort to teach the diabetic community about the benefits of sweet potatoes in our diet.

What perfect timing with Thanksgiving coming up, my itch to try new recipes, my constant quest to live and eat healthier, and my new found love for sweet potatoes!

My Sweet Potato Package arrived last week at work.
Was it rude of me to not share my sweet potato biscotti with my co-workers?!?!
I took it home, ate some biscotti, looked over the recipes and drooled, ate some more biscotti, and read the material on the health benefits of adding Sweet Potatoes to your diet, particularly for those with Diabetes.

So stay tuned for more info, some delicious recipes, and good 'ol fun with sweet potatoes!!!

***I may or may have not eaten ALL of the sweet potato biscotti...but I'll never tell***

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  1. this is so well timed! lately for dinner'ish I've been baking a whole sweet potato in the oven and eating just that. I LOOOOVE sweet potatoes. They are doing interesting things to my BG though... blood sugar slowly rises and plateaus then about 3 hours later it goes up again. Just a little FYI! i was going to write a more detailed post about it. Why is sweet potato good for diabetics?