About 2 years ago, I became interested in blogs.

A few people at church had them to document cute stories about their kids so the grandparents and family could read.

I came across this blog, and fell in love with reading it! It remains one of my favorite daily reads today.

And somehow I randomly came across this blog about Diabetes. It really changed my life and outlook on this disease that I've been living with since I was 8.

As I read about Kerri living with Diabetes, it was as if someone FINALLY knew EXACTLY what I was feeling. It was as if she was publishing the thoughts that were in my head. She expressed feelings that I didn't even know I was feeling about my own life with Diabetes.

And then I discovered blog after blog. Diabetes blogs, Marriage blogs, Healthy eating and living blogs, Inspirational, artistic, graphic design, decorating, etc....blogs.

So, I started my own blog. I was consistent at first, but then thought...who really wants to read about me blabbing on and on about this disease Diabetes???

For me, having Diabetes is NORMAL. Several people in my family have it and it's really become the norm for us. I've had more years with it than without.

As Kerri says, "It doesn't define me, but it helps explain me."

One day I was explaining to someone some of the technicalities of Diabetes. I said, "This here is a sensor that is inserted by a needle in my stomach. It checks my blood sugar every 5 minutes and reports to my pump here that delivers insulin to my body...which is also connected to my stomach through a needle here..." As I heard myself talk, I thought...WOW, this is NOT normal. For most people, this is REALLY weird...and a scary way to have to live.

But...it's how I live. I do these difficult things to keep myself alive. I'm working extra hard now to be the healthiest that I can be so that SOMEDAY my husband and I can have a baby. It's a LOT of work. But it's worth it.

Diabetes is HARD. But GOD is GOOD...and so I blog about it.

I blog to stay connected to others who are living with this crazy disease (the D.O.C. - the Diabetes Online Community)...and to educate others who don't know a lot about what Diabetes is.

Thanks for reading, following, and commenting.

PLEASE feel free to ask questions...and I'll do my best to share more about my life with Diabetes.

La Dolce Vita (the sweet life)!
Life is sweet...even with Diabetes!!!